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How To Choose The Best Wedding Ring

"What kind of wedding ring should I buy?" If you're engaged or dreaming of your big day, you've probably asked yourself this question once or twice. Your engagement ring usually takes the cake and catches the eye of all of your friends and gets the likes on IG. However, your wedding ring is just as important and will affect the look of your whole ring ensemble once you officially tie the knot. 

Wedding Ring Types

When first starting your search for the perfect wedding ring, you'll want to use your engagement ring as the basis for your decision. After all, your new ensemble is going to be an every day accessory and you want to make sure it's "meant to be", just like you and your partner! There are a few different routes that you can go.

Thin Classic Ring

If you want your engagement ring to continue to be the center of attention, you can opt for a dainty, thin band. Typically, these will be 1-2mm in width. This keeps your set simple and doesn't take away from your engagement ring. Choosing a classic band in the same metal as your engagement ring will help them fit together seamlessly, or choose a contrasting metal color to add a bit of pop.

Eternity Diamond Ring

If you're wanting to add a little bit more sparkle to your set, a common addition is a thin, eternity diamond band like The Adelaide by Benchmark Rings. It pairs well with any diamond shape making it a go-to for a sophisticated wedding ring duo.

Women's Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring The Adelaide by Benchmark RingsMen's Wedding Band and Women's Eternity Wedding Ring with Diamond Engagement Ring

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Contoured Wedding Ring

If a straight wedding band will not fit underneath your engagement ring stone, you can opt for a contoured wedding ring. This has a slight curve making it possible for the rings to sit tightly together. Looking for a larger overall appearance? Add a contoured wedding ring the top and the bottom of your engagement ring to create a jacket and add some width to your piece!

Contoured Diamond Women's Wedding Ring        Women's Diamond Double Wedding Band

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Notched Wedding Ring

Similar to a contoured ring, a notched ring will be a good option for you if your main stone sits close to your finger. A notched band has a spot cut out so your engagement ring stone can fit perfectly into place. Sometimes notched and contoured bands are made specifically for your engagement ring so don't forget to ask!

If you're still stuck, try answering these questions to help guide you:


  • What is the overall look you're trying to achieve? Your bridal set can say a lot about you and your style. Determine if you're looking for an intricate or simple design.
  • Do you want your wedding ring to match your partners? Some couples choose to have similar wedding ring styles, while others use this as an opportunity to flaunt their individuality. The decision is completely up to the two of you.
  • What is your lifestyle? You'll want to choose a band that makes sense for your every day life. Your wedding band shouldn't be a burden so make sure you're choosing something that won't cause you stress, whether from fear of losing it or the hassle of cleaning it.
  • Will you ever want to wear your wedding band alone? When traveling, it can be preferential to only wear the wedding band to avoid misplacing or losing your engagement ring. If this is something you're concerned about you'll want to make sure you choose a wedding band that can stand alone when the two are separated. Typically, contoured and notched bands are ideal for this scenario.

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