Photo Credit: Andre Jackson/Unsplash

15 Unique Proposal Ideas

Finding a meaningful way to pop the question isn't exactly an easy task. You want a proposal that will be special, and remembered...but also don't want to overdo it. Simplicity can go a long way!

Here's a few questions you should consider when thinking of proposal ideas:

  • Is there a romantic location you two have shared in your relationship? It could be the restaurant you went to on your first date, your favorite hiking trail, the top of a favorite building in the city, etc.
  • Do you want family/friends to be involved, or keep it personal between you two and share the news later?
  • You know after the big YES that a picture will be taken (and shared) will your partner want to be pampered and dressed up, or are they more into casual wear? The first engagement photo shared on social media will gather a bunch of attention-so be thinking of how you think they will want to look when they share the exciting news.
  • Will your partner prefer a public or private proposal? Not everyone is an extrovert or  wants all the attention on them (well, your attention yes, but everyone else around them? possibly not.). Think of how they will feel and take that into consideration.

Now, time to get into the planning stage. Put your own spin on one of our proposal ideas below:

1. Revisit your First Date

Did you go to a coffee shop, restaurant, or even the dog park? After quarantine maybe your first date was virtual. There's nothing wrong with going in the other room to Facetime and relive the date that brought you two together!

2. For the Bookworm

Replace their bookmark with a message or poem.

3. Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Plan a full day for this one and make it special! Each clue can lead to a different location around town that meant something to you two. You can even do a small one around the home to keep it a bit simpler. 

4. Ski Lift

Grab some friends and enjoy a ski/snowboarding trip! Have a friend or two stay behind and write a message in the snow under the lift. When you and your partner head back up after some much needed hot cocoa....the message will be there waiting for you!

5. Scuba Diving

Don't forget the underwater camera and slate board! Also, visibility would be an important factor too. Choose a destination with clear waters for this proposal idea.

6. Take A Hike

Literally, go hiking! Hiking is not only a great fitness activity, but it's the perfect place to take those first engagement photos with a beautiful backdrop!

7. Hot Air Balloon

Okay, not exactly unique, but definitely a "classic"!

8. Sushi Date

A fortune cookie is the perfect place to hide that ring, and it's the best fortune your partner could ask for!

9. Fishing

You found your fish in the sea, now, just make sure the ring doesn't fly into the water! Because yes, that has happened. We highly recommend making sure to get the correct ring size for this proposal...just trust us on this one.. 

10. Ice Skating

Just make sure you know how to skate and are getting down on one knee on purpose...falling in love is great, falling on ice just hurts!

11. Board Games

It's easy to replace cards in the deck with "Will You Marry Me?" cards. Etsy is a great place to order look-alike cards for just about any board game!

12. Puzzle Night

Who doesn't enjoy a good puzzle? Create your own custom puzzle for a fun night in (either just you two or with family!). Just remember, a 5,000 piece puzzle may be a bit much. Stick to the 500-1000 range for something challenging, but simple enough to get done in an evening (You don't want your proposal to be longer than your engagement!)

13. Trivia Night With The Family

Do you have that crazy family member who beats everyone in Trivial Pursuit? Make up your own questions and answers to throw the game in your favor.

14. Use a Drone

Drones have been gaining popularity over the past few years. write a message a short distance away and take a picture, or video, of you two from up above! (Only use in drone-friendly environments)

15. Dog-Friendly

It may be time to get your dog a new collar or, at least, a new tag! Have your 4-legged best friend pop the question with the ring around their collar. The pup is family after all, so they should be included in the proposal too!