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8 Most Popular Metals For Men's Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring or wedding band can be a daunting task and you want to choose the perfect one for your lifestyle. When it comes to choosing the right metal for your wedding ring you'll want to think about color, weight, durability and of course cost! We've created this guide to help you narrow down your options and ease the stress of ring shopping! 

Precious Metals


Benchmark Platinum Men's Wedding Band

One of the most popular metals for engagement rings and wedding bands is platinum. Platinum's naturally white sheen will never fade or change color, and it accentuates the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond, which makes it perfect for both men's wedding bands and women's engagement rings. Platinum will last forever, making it the ultimate symbol for true, enduring, and everlasting love. Since platinum lasts forever, it does tend to cost more than other options.


Benchmark Gold Men's Wedding Band

Gold has an extraordinary heritage with unique qualities. As an enduring element found naturally in a distinct yellow color, gold is resistant to rust, tarnish, and corrosion. Although gold is very strong, it’s also the most malleable of all precious metals. It is the most classic option but over time gold tends to wear and may need to be refinished.

Alternative Metals

Damascus Steel

Benchmark Damascus Steel Men's Wedding Band

Damascus steel has its own, somewhat mythical, origin story rooted in the Near East. It can be traced back to India to around 500 AD. These steels have an attractive surface pattern composed of swirling patterns of light-etched regions on a nearly black background. The pattern-welded steels are produced by forge welding alternating sheets of high and low-carbon steels. This composite is then folded and forge welded together, and the fold/forge cycle is repeated until a large number of layers are obtained.


Benchmark Cobalt Men's Wedding Band

Made from a highly durable alloy, cobalt is four times harder than platinum while at the same time, less dense. Because of its natural hardness, cobalt jewelry is extremely scratch, chip, and corrosion-resistant. Its lower density and natural malleability allow for strong, dynamic designs with less weight. Cobalt is also hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or an active lifestyle.

Black Cobalt

Benchmark Black Cobalt Men's Wedding Band

Blackened Cobalt is simply Cobalt but with a PVD process applied to it. The composition of Black Cobalt is no different than that of basic cobalt. Black Cobalt is also hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or an active lifestyle.

Titanium/Black Titanium

Benchmark Black Titanium Men's Wedding Band

Titanium is a unique and strong metal with incredible value for men’s wedding bands. With a solid foundation in the engineering and aerospace industries, titanium has a proven track record as an enduring metal. Black Titanium is manufactured through a natural process of vapor-deposition involving vacuum chamber technology. The process permits the blackening to penetrate far beyond the ring’s surface giving it more longevity than other similar products.

Grey Tantalum

Benchmark Grey Tantalum Men's Wedding Band

Tantalum is one of the newest additions to the contemporary metal marketplace. It is highly scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic. Naturally a blue-gray metal, you can get a variety of shades of grey with different heating and cooling techniques. Men's wedding bands made from tantalum are heavier than some of the other metal options available.

Dark Tantalum

Benchmark Darkened Tantalum Men's Wedding Band

Dark Tantalum is achieved through an organic process of proprietary heating and cooling techniques. Dark Tantalum is still pure Tantalum and no chemicals or coatings have been used in achieving the natural “Blackened” look.

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